Monday, January 28, 2013

Inna Shevchenko The New Face Of Feminism Fighting For Freedom Of Women, For Equality!

FEMEN protestors: you got the message!

Brendan Cole
8.10.2012, 14:54
The Ukrainian feminist group Femen whose members protest by exposing their breasts, has opened a new global headquarters in a largely Muslim area of Paris. To mark the occasion, about 20 French and Ukrainian women with slogans painted across their bare chests strode through Paris' 18th Arrondissement.The group was headed by Femen activist Inna Shevchenko who hopes to export the group's so-called "new feminism" globally. We spoke to Inna Shevchenko and asked her why her group went to France.
We came up with this idea maybe 6 months ago when we got an e-mail that read, “Hello, we’re French women and we need FEMEN in France.” Then it struck us that FEMEN is spreading throughout the world and can be needed in such developed feministic countries as France.You say that you’re “the new face of feminism”. What exactly do you mean by that?
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